SIGNAL by ConsenSys

Crypto Beyond Currency w/ Sandeep Nailwal

Episode Summary

In this episode, Lex Sokolin and Sandeep, co-founder of Polygon (formerly Matic) discuss the genesis of the project and how Layer 2 solutions are really important for the next adoption phase of crypto, blockchain, and Ethereum. Sandeep reveals his learning as a technologist & entrepreneur in India and how his ambition & interest in scalable business led him to join the crypto adventure. The ability to see beyond the currency and understand that blockchain could apply for larger logic computation is definitely part of his secret recipe. You will also learn the genesis of Polygon and how the crytpokitties and game of throne stories fit in his journey. The co-founder of Polygon will also explain the overall spectrum of scaling platform from Layer 1 attributes to sidechains and optimistic rollups and share with conviction his core thesis around Ethereum as the global settlement & security layers. In this conversation, Sandeep is also vocal about how dynamic and attractive the Indian entrepreneur ecosystem can be and how it is to operate in India. He will reveal his enthusiasm for the recent Polygon projects around public goods in India sharing really interesting use cases.